When waking up in the morning, the last thing you want to see as you make a cup of coffee is a two inch long flying cockroach.  This unfortunately, is a common occurrence across the U.S.  These cockroaches, the oriental, and more specifically the sewer cockroach, breed outdoors for the most part, but find their way indoors when looking for cooler locations during the summer, or warmer places in the winter.  They come up through outdoor and even indoor plumbing, and breed in water meter boxes, parks, and golf courses.  Resilient insects that they are, they make appearances in all seasons, and are not as susceptible to weather conditions as most other outdoor breeding pests.  During times of drought or excessive rain, they simply relocate, usually into your home.

German Cockroach is very successful at establishing an ecological niche in buildings, and is very hardy and resilient against attempts at pest control. This is because of the large number of nymphs produced from each egg case, the short period between birth and sexual maturity, and their ability to easily hide due to their small size. The mother also carries the egg case (called an ootheca) with her during the germination period, rather than depositing it like other species, a practice which would leave them vulnerable in a human habitat to zealous attempts to wipe them out. This cockroach is also smaller than many other species so it can more easily hide and fit into very small cracks and crevices to evade humans. That is also the main reason they can most effectively be controlled with bait in cracks and crevices. These type of pest control methods must kill 95% of the overall population to be effective in a property due to the fast reproductive cycles.

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